1. Cervical Collars

    Cervical Collars Series

    Foam immobilized, guide the neck and prevent from secondary damage.


    Constructed of low or medium density foam covered with cotton stockinette tube.


    Cervical Collars
  2. Clavicle & Shoulder

    Clavicle & Shoulder Series

    A standard figure of eight support meanufactured from padded axilla straps and back pad.


    Adjustable contact closures.


    Clavicle & Shoulder
  3. Elbow & Thumb

    Elbow & Thumb Series

    Universal 2" wide with loop-lock velrco closure.


    Prevent while working, daily life and sporting.


    Elbow & Thumb
  4. Knee & Ankle

    Knee & Ankle Series

    Stabilize the foot to prevent from secondary damage.


    The amount of air can be easily adjusted to personal preference for comfort and firmness.


    Knee & Ankle
  5. Back & Lumbar

    Back & Lumbar Series

    Mash type brings breathable and comfort.


    Adjustable contact closure.


    Back & Lumbar
  6. Other Auxiliary Support

    Clavicle & Rib Solutions
    Figure 8 Clavicle Splints

    Our product offering includes rib belts, abdominal binders, and clavicle supports with quality you can depend on from King Kong!


    Other Auxiliary Support
Post-Op Shoe
Inner sole accommodates natural arch of foot.
Tri-Panel Knee Splint
Pile/foam laminate with 3 panel design, 5 aluminum stays, bound edges, lateral foam, pop-pad insert.
Air Walker
Stabilize the foot to prevent from secondary damage.

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